Three organizations meet to share information

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On February 27, 2015, the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, the Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO), and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute Alumni Association came together to share information.  This event was a powerful information session.  Many of Cleveland's communities were represented.  Both CAAO and the Urban League shared information about their programs.  Many of the attendees want to do this event again next year and committed to getting involved with the Urban League, CAAO and, and the Neighborhood Leadership Institute. I was very happy to see this.  I was wearing duel hats at this event.  I represented CAAO during its presentation and I am the Co-chair of the Neighborhood Leadership Alumni Committee.

Working in the same building as the Urban League has been a great resource for CAAO.  It has created much collaboration between our organizations.  Organizations in the black community need to figure how collaborate more without feeling threatened. 



Cleveland Emerging Leaders Please Apply!

Written by William Holdipp Jr on . Posted in Leadership Development

Are you:

Looking for those skills that will help you with success in the work place?

Looking for those connections to help take your business to the next level?

Looking to understand Cleveland’s treasures and challenges?

Interested in Civic Leadership?

Take action and have impact?


If your answer yes to at least one of the above question, than you should continue reading.  I want to tell you a bit about an organization called Cleveland Bridge Builders (CBB).  I heard about Cleveland Bridge Builders in my third year in Cleveland.  I wasn’t sure Cleveland was the place for me.  It was a complete culture shock.  After talking to a colleague who worked in the same building as me, I decided to give it a try and apply for Cleveland Bridge Builders.  Eleven years later and I am still reaping the benefits of making the decision to apply.

Cleveland Bridge Builders prepares mid-career professionals of all ages for meaningful, fulfilling and impactful engagement in the community. The program provides a unique environment that fosters teamwork, growth and learning to create a transformative experience that promotes and supports participants for a greater role in the community.

I graduated from Cleveland Bridge Builders in 2004 and enjoyed the opportunity to develop my understanding of leadership with a group of individual that came from all sectors of the workforce.  Once I graduated from the program, I wanted to stay connected to the program, so I became a lifetime alum and I joined to board of Cleveland Builders Builders.

Eleven years later I still participate in the programs for alum.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Jack Dorsey, Co-Founder of Twitter and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, as a result of staying engaged in the alumni programming.

Cleveland Bridge Builders helped spark my interested in civic engagement that now has me actively working with community programs focused on making Cleveland a better place for all.

Cleveland Bridge Builders is now accepting applications for its next class.  I would encourage you to seriously consider applying.  You can find the application at  I hope to see you at a future Cleveland Bridge Builders Alumni event.