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Working with a high degree of independence and under general direction, the engineering specialist is responsible for the overall operation of the undergraduate chemical engineering laboratories, which have approximately 200 students enrolled each year. This includes maintenance of experiments in the undergraduate laboratories, and expanding the experimental offerings in these laboratories in cooperation with faculty and school of engineering objectives. The position provides support to the department research laboratories for data acquisition and electronic instrumentation, and simple mechanical systems. The person in this position will guide, advise, and mentor students in laboratory activities and supervise undergraduate laboratory assistants assigned to the laboratories.



  1. Oversee the undergraduate laboratory experiments; including building the computer interfaces and the actual experimental apparatuses, fixing problems with these experiments, upgrades to software and data systems, and provisioning supplies. Develop laboratory procedures. (35%)
  2. Design and fabricate additional undergraduate laboratory experiments in cooperation with department faculty. (20%)
  3. Teach or instruct others in research techniques. Ensure a safe work environment and safe practices in the undergraduate laboratories. (15%)
  4. Provide expertise to faculty and graduate students regarding data acquisition, electronic component functions, interfaces of the experiments to the computers, and mechanical systems to faculty and graduate students. (10%)
  5. Supervise undergraduate laboratory assistants involved in laboratory preparation and maintenance. (5%)



  1. Lead tours of the lab and give presentations on occasion. (3%)
  2. Maintain non-laboratory equipment (poster printer, display monitors, etc.). (3%)
  3. Assist with instruction of laboratory courses, such as delivering parts of lectures. (3%)
  4. Continued professional growth through conference attendance and presentations. (2%)
  5. Perform other duties as assigned. (4%)



Department: Frequent contact with faculty and staff, in regard to formal lab courses and research activities.

University: Occasional contact with faculty, staff from other departments, in regard to lab procedures.

External: Frequent contact with vendors to acquire equipment for the labs.

Students: Daily contact with graduate and undergraduate students in regard to formal lab courses and research activities.



The incumbent will supervise undergraduate laboratory assistants and teaching assistants assigned to undergraduate laboratories.



Experience: 3 to 5 years of related experience required.

Education: Bachelor degree in science or engineering required.



  1. Ability to carry out work independently.
  2. Ability to multi-task and complete tasks on times.
  3. Strong organization skills, work ethic, reliability and enthusiasm.
  4. Demonstrated attention to detail.
  5. Ability to operate equipment and machinery.
  6. Computer skills.
  7. Electronics and data acquisition skills.



Medium to heavy lifting of equipment and packages will be required of the employee. Proper use of personal safety equipment will required.



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